About Our Programs

Who We Are


The Like a Lion family is committed to sharing the Gospel of Christ to disadvantaged youth in Indianapolis by giving them academic, emotional and spiritual support. 


May 2012 marked the beginnings of Like A Lion. We were simply a few young women with a passion for the hearts of youth, who saw a need in Indianapolis – to bring stability and love to the lives of disadvantaged youth. Since then, Like a Lion has grown into a family of youth and volunteers seeking the Gospel of Christ together.

Our Name

The term “Like a Lion” stems from one of our favorite songs, “God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion).” 

“My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive, He’s living on the inside, Roaring like a lion.” 

We seek to teach at-risk youth in Indianapolis that God is working in mighty ways, roaring like a lion – despite their circumstances. 

Who We Serve


The majority of our children come from the Brookside, Brightwood and Otterbein neighborhoods, although we serve children all over the east side of Indianapolis. In these neighborhoods, our kids face many negative influences. Violence, drugs and crime are very prevalent. Our hope is to empower our children to see their potential and all that life has to offer so that they can become leaders within their community. 

What We Do



Our after-school program provides youth with a structured time to work on homework, with the assistance of our staff members and volunteers. We also incorporate educational field trips in during our summer program, as well as math and reading activities.


Many of the youth we support come from unstable homes. We provide them with a safe place, through our after-school and summer programs, to be loved by staff members and volunteers, all the while learning how to love others.


During both the after-school and summer programs, we conduct Bible studies to teach our youth about God’s love. Being a Christ-centered program is very important to us and we make sure to incorporate worship and small group time into each week. 

How We Do It

After-School Program

Our after-school program, that meets every Monday-Thursday from 4-6:30, helps our youth grow as students. Our volunteers act as tutors in assisting with any homework help, as well as leading math and reading activities. We also stress the importance of working hard in school to glorify God.

Summer Program

The goal of our summer program, that meets Monday-Thursday from 10-4:30 during the summer, is to provide a safe place for our youth where they can better understand Christ’s love for them. We also continue to provide them with academic help through educational fieldtrips and various activities.